prime bed real-estate

Hi Muttikins,

hope all is well, when are you planning to come over? bring Inge Margaret a potcake puppy and or 3 bags of nestles chocolate chips :)

ps Zurich is the new London, I would say that though.. :) the shopping is really exceptional.. all the stores here.

it is expensive though, maybe they will have sales in January.

it may be an idea to spend the plumbing time here.. its all ok here, snow on the ground girls very happy plump and sleeping on your bed every night.. went for a quick run this morning and then breakfast.
Lots of love

the girls are good to have around. you might be horrified when you see them relaxing on your bed though. this does have a small downside, cleo has an impacted anal gland that she occasionally discharges.. though its only a couple times a week so you’ll hardly notice the stains .. and the sheets are changed every week ..

hehe . I have plumped them up a bit bcs its cold so they are very soft and cuddly..

there goes the pillow

tempted by prime bed real-estate, waiting to be told off

taking liberties

taking liberties

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