How much hairloss is too much hairloss..

Dog Hair

Yes this is a picture of a pile of dog hair (on a chair for size perspective) .. laughing..

you might be mistaken for thinking this is a weeks worth of dog hair from both of my dogs.. but its not..

its one day from one of my little girls..

Some will not be too surprised to find out this is one day of Cleo’s hair.. !
To her defense though, a heatwave started a few days ago

which brings me to .. i wish I could say i was living vicariously through her hair loss… but i’m NOT!..

I have been losing my own hair and its driving me mad.. It started while I was in New Mexico and has carried on for 3 months now.. i’m not bald but I think i should be the amount of hair i’ve lost.. and i dont use chemical hair products.. havent for over a year so I dont know what is causing this.. instead of a pony tail.. i have a little puppy tail now..

heavy sigh.. i dont know what to do.. except keep my fingers crossed that ‘no hair’ comes in style…. well in the meantime.. i have started taking biotin and mild vitamin b supplementation.. but not noticed too much change.. still lovely long thick hairs swirling down the drain..

Hope you are all doing well and all still have your hair!

Lots of love


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