Cleo’s International Fan Club



It does not matter what country I am in or where I am someone will go out of their way to stop me and ask me about Cleo (and often Tarpi, but if I am honest more often Cleo). I could be in the Netherlands in a postoffice or walking down the street in Zurich or this month walking in a park, every month at least once someone has stopped me and asked me what breed she is and where she comes from.

It started from the first week she arrived in the Netherlands, in fact I had a lady come and ask me if she could have her !

In the beginning when they asked what breed she was.. i used to reply with quite some confidence .. she was a purebreed… ‘pure naughty’ .. which used to get a few chuckles..

though she’ll still try her luck.. she has I think grown more used to her position at the bottom of the greasy pole :)

well shes come a long way (as have I through what she has taught me) and is an adored and treasured member of the family.

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