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Holland – Walk in the woods..

Sunday, November 18th, 2007

Well we had another good 14km trek.. this time through the woods between Maarn and Doorn.. Its good to know there is a big big woods there! I go on walks to areas to see if they are a nice place to live:)

Its good to get fresh air and the girls love it! I think they also like the double rations they get in the morning :)

The highlights..
the bunny chase.. they saw a bunny and spent a good 20 mins chasing it..
The 2 1000pound horses that Cleo chased…. cleo likes to take horses on.. they are supremely interesting to her.. probably even more than cats..
we had a really nice cake at the 6 sided restaurant in the woods.. it was home baked and much better than the usual Dutch fare..
The french fries they found on the station floor that they hoovered up..
They met quite a few nice people on the trains and station.. especially the older ladies..they love them! and they love them back.

no real incidents..
well I dont think the following count as an incidents in potcake land..
as I was concentrating on ordering at the restaurant.. I droped my concentration on them for a moment and they disappeared to the other side of the restaurant! they are so quick..
and as I was concentrating on paying they shot behind the bar counter where the cash register was, looking for little tasty scraps..
I might need a compass.. we got lost in the woods a bit..

only one little unexpected shock.. Tarpis back legs are not very strong.. youd think they would be with the weight of her bottom..:) but as it is they arnt.. she misstepped onto the train and nearly fell down the crack between the train and the platform.. and her collar came off.. so I just managed to pull her up by her leg.. I’m going to let them on and off trains first from now on… I have to say I was a little shocked.. but it did make me look where the emergency stop handles are in case anything happens in the future.. you never can tell with two potcakes..!:)

All went well all in all and they were pooped and flopped out on the couch with me to watch tv when we got back.. a lot of happy snoring grunting and farting went on… not me of course..

Hope you are all having a wonderful Sunday.

Lots of love