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Holland – 15 park potcake trecking expedition last Sunday

Thursday, October 18th, 2007

There were noooooo incidents.. :)

We went on a 15 park walk with extra time spent at the queens park surrounding her Den Haag home.

They loved it, played with all the dogs.. sniffed everyone.. Cleo fascinated by the deer. Tarpi in forage heaven.

no restaurant practice though a lady at the train station commented to me how relaxed they were when I was waiting in line to buy a pecan croisant.

Train journey went well..they had a little rest.. Tarpi laying on her side :) (they were a little unsettled by the noise and movement their first time the sunday before) so thats getting better too.

My waterproof hiking shoes are breaking in nicely…

So its all looking up..

Lots of love