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Holland – Trecking Adventures with my Potcakes

Monday, October 29th, 2007

Hi all,

A little update on trecking adventures with the girls.

We went on a 14 km walk from Breukelen to Woerden.. its mostly along side rivers, canals, polders, through farmland and a pretty town..
It was really beautiful, even though it was a typical dutch day.. nooooo sun!
Its funny seeing a different way of life.. lots of little vegetable gardens, greenhouses, people keeping chickens, goats, sheep.. horses, cats, farm dogs, not big farms all the time a lot were houses with rather large gardens.
Tarpi and Cleo loved it! I had to stop Cleo from chasing a bull.. Cleo and Tarpi wernt too sure about the herd of female cows by a gate.. the cows took them in their stride :) , Cleo chased a big swan out of the way.. the sheep arnt too scared at all in Holland.. Cleo tried to intimidate one but it wasnt having any nonsense.. outstared her! mind you it was a huge sheep.

Well they had a good time seeing all the new different animals.

I want to get them a little more used to trains so this time it was about 1 and half hour journey each way and they were pretty relaxed so that went well.. they do try and hoover up all little things on the floor though.. we were lucky, there were hardly any people.

I have to say I wouldn’t take these walks without the dogs..not that anything has happened but I feel safer with them around. They are a good combination of very protective and quite well behaved so they are giving me a little freedom to explore Holland!

Shoes holding up well.. even though they are really very comfy to start with, its a good idea to keep breaking them in.. I felt a little chaff after the 13th km..

Hope all is well with everyone.