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Things just get better and better

Thursday, August 20th, 2009

NO job

and now

NO home :)

Hi all,

Yes the house is sold .. zipedidoodazipedyday :) ( a little miracle considering the market and that we are in the summer holidays here in Holland and nothing happens)

The first stage of the sale has gone through, in Holland you have 3 days to pull out of the contract (buyers remorse hehe ) , the three days have passed and then it goes onto the next phase, the buyer deposits a certain amount (Sept 9th) and then the house is delivered to them Oct 24.

I have to say I am a little scared since I dont have another house to go to.. so when I think about it my insides stop and implode ! (laughing a little) but apart from that.. I am very happy that a new phase in my life is on its way.

I am still questioning what that phase is though.. its hard to arrange a moving van if you dont know where you are going or how much you are taking with you hehe so I am selling and giving as much as I can and thinking about storage possibilities.

Any advice on how to best handle this is very welcome though :)

Hope things are going good for everyone and you are well and having a good summer :)

Lots of love


Cleo lost her crown

Monday, February 16th, 2009

sorry mutti, i have not been writing,
a bit fed up with work and life in holland, otherwise ok.
dogs very lovely.

the only news is that cleo lost her crown as naughtiest dog on the planet.

tarpi held it for a few days by knocking a huge jar of nutella off the kitchen counter and eating all of it + quite a bit of glass (she threw up some big chunks) what girls wont do for chocolate…
so nearly chocolate poisoning and the vet had to give her a shot to protect her guts..

the good news is cleo a few days later regained her crown, i was in the bedroom and she came in with a huge loaf of bread in her mouth (the last i remember it was also on the kitchen counter)..

it was sweet, that happy little look of finding bread treasure on her face.. all hers.. :) , i dont think she was expecting me to be there..

anyway as you can guess, some things are the same :)

lots of love xxxxx


Saturday, October 25th, 2008

wondering if i will look away for a moment and that ravioli will be hers…

thats pretty interesting Ravioli you have there..

thats pretty interesting Ravioli you have there..

Mug Shots

Thursday, February 28th, 2008

now I ask you..

does this look like the sort of dog that might take a 3/4 loaf of french bread and half a pound of butter from the kitchen counter.. (and eat them… of course.. :) )

My mummy may send me to Australia if I dont buck up my ideas :)

or does this look like the sort of dog that would chase a visiting migrating African goose around the courtyard of the childrens’ petting zoo.. (she must have got pretty close because a small ‘pouf’ of feathers exploded like an easygoing firework from the gooses tail-end), before being dragged away…

there was a hissing audience..

two black swans.. :)

I don't chase geese.. honest..

All in a mornings work.. :)

Lots of love


Its a puzzle

Tuesday, February 26th, 2008

I’ve grown to love her naughty naughty ways… weve been back to the pond twice now and each time she cautiously goes around the edge sniffing and checking and wonders what could have happened.. I think she cant quite work out why she can see the ducks walking on it but she cant… plus all those ducks juuuust out of her reach walking and swimming.. I can see here little mind working.. her little eyebrows move about.. :)
Anyway.. they are snoring away on the couch now.

You’ll have some trouble with her..

Tuesday, December 25th, 2007

Hi all,

We have had very cold weather for a few days now, frost on all the trees – it looked like the most amazing wonderful winter wonderland for two days – a sort of Gods extravagance, lots of people out taking pics.

Gods extravagance

Gods extravagance

Gods Extravagance

Gods Extravagance

The canals were also frozen over for the first time in over 10 years… people skating on them.. (its a big news item across the country, theres a whole generation of dutch kids that have never seen this.. )

We went on our usual Sunday morning walk and Cleo .. a little bit curious as usual.. tried her hand on the ice today.. and it being a bit warmer today… she fell through.. !

The look on her face..! sort of frozen..! :)

Anyway I was probably as shocked as her, (more…)

Holland – Walk in the woods..

Sunday, November 18th, 2007

Well we had another good 14km trek.. this time through the woods between Maarn and Doorn.. Its good to know there is a big big woods there! I go on walks to areas to see if they are a nice place to live:)

Its good to get fresh air and the girls love it! I think they also like the double rations they get in the morning :)

The highlights..
the bunny chase.. they saw a bunny and spent a good 20 mins chasing it..
The 2 1000pound horses that Cleo chased…. cleo likes to take horses on.. they are supremely interesting to her.. probably even more than cats..
we had a really nice cake at the 6 sided restaurant in the woods.. it was home baked and much better than the usual Dutch fare..
The french fries they found on the station floor that they hoovered up..
They met quite a few nice people on the trains and station.. especially the older ladies..they love them! and they love them back.

no real incidents..
well I dont think the following count as an incidents in potcake land..
as I was concentrating on ordering at the restaurant.. I droped my concentration on them for a moment and they disappeared to the other side of the restaurant! they are so quick..
and as I was concentrating on paying they shot behind the bar counter where the cash register was, looking for little tasty scraps..
I might need a compass.. we got lost in the woods a bit..

only one little unexpected shock.. Tarpis back legs are not very strong.. youd think they would be with the weight of her bottom..:) but as it is they arnt.. she misstepped onto the train and nearly fell down the crack between the train and the platform.. and her collar came off.. so I just managed to pull her up by her leg.. I’m going to let them on and off trains first from now on… I have to say I was a little shocked.. but it did make me look where the emergency stop handles are in case anything happens in the future.. you never can tell with two potcakes..!:)

All went well all in all and they were pooped and flopped out on the couch with me to watch tv when we got back.. a lot of happy snoring grunting and farting went on… not me of course..

Hope you are all having a wonderful Sunday.

Lots of love

Holland – Cleo has lost control..

Friday, November 9th, 2007

of her ears :)

Its very windy here today and her ears are being blown about all over the place.

Its really cute.

Lots of love



Holland – Trecking Adventures with my Potcakes

Monday, October 29th, 2007

Hi all,

A little update on trecking adventures with the girls.

We went on a 14 km walk from Breukelen to Woerden.. its mostly along side rivers, canals, polders, through farmland and a pretty town..
It was really beautiful, even though it was a typical dutch day.. nooooo sun!
Its funny seeing a different way of life.. lots of little vegetable gardens, greenhouses, people keeping chickens, goats, sheep.. horses, cats, farm dogs, not big farms all the time a lot were houses with rather large gardens.
Tarpi and Cleo loved it! I had to stop Cleo from chasing a bull.. Cleo and Tarpi wernt too sure about the herd of female cows by a gate.. the cows took them in their stride :) , Cleo chased a big swan out of the way.. the sheep arnt too scared at all in Holland.. Cleo tried to intimidate one but it wasnt having any nonsense.. outstared her! mind you it was a huge sheep.

Well they had a good time seeing all the new different animals.

I want to get them a little more used to trains so this time it was about 1 and half hour journey each way and they were pretty relaxed so that went well.. they do try and hoover up all little things on the floor though.. we were lucky, there were hardly any people.

I have to say I wouldn’t take these walks without the dogs..not that anything has happened but I feel safer with them around. They are a good combination of very protective and quite well behaved so they are giving me a little freedom to explore Holland!

Shoes holding up well.. even though they are really very comfy to start with, its a good idea to keep breaking them in.. I felt a little chaff after the 13th km..

Hope all is well with everyone.


Holland – 15 park potcake trecking expedition last Sunday

Thursday, October 18th, 2007

There were noooooo incidents.. :)

We went on a 15 park walk with extra time spent at the queens park surrounding her Den Haag home.

They loved it, played with all the dogs.. sniffed everyone.. Cleo fascinated by the deer. Tarpi in forage heaven.

no restaurant practice though a lady at the train station commented to me how relaxed they were when I was waiting in line to buy a pecan croisant.

Train journey went well..they had a little rest.. Tarpi laying on her side :) (they were a little unsettled by the noise and movement their first time the sunday before) so thats getting better too.

My waterproof hiking shoes are breaking in nicely…

So its all looking up..

Lots of love


Holland – A day out at the beach.. Potcake style

Monday, October 15th, 2007

the girls and I are practicing our survivalist techniques.. I thought I’d start easy..
we went on a nature walk in the dunes and beach on sunday it was wonderful weather..

step one we took the bus. with one bus change.. their first bus ride! even though it was sunday it was packed due to the good weather.. they handled it very well and lots of people especially the older generation ladies petted them and told them how lovely they were.. I get quite a few comments about how pretty their heads are..

all was going well.. so we stopped at a restaurant for a waffle with warm cherries and slag room.. I needed the toilet so tied the girls to the table and happily went to the toilet.. when I came out the restaurant seemed a bit quiet and people were staring at me.. I saw this big puddle on the floor.. and immediately a bit mortified thought one of them might have had a pee.. if only.. one of them had jumped out at the waitress and she spilled all the stuff on her tray.. and some very hot coffee on herself too.. she had red mark on her tummy from it.. I cant tell you .. I appologised profusely and ate my waffle at the speed of light and tipped the waitress 10 euros for my 7.25 meal! and apologised again.. I dont think we are welkom at the zeeschelp now.. perhaps they are not quite restaurant ready yet!

I thought ok.. maybe I should have gone to church instead.. but lets continue..

we had a great walk but they must have been a bit excited because they had poo after poo after poo.. 3 apiece.. I only brought six baggies.. theyd already had a poo that morning ..I was quickly running out of baggies.. but thankfully found some more later on in the walk

we were on the beach and it was quite buzy with lots of people and dogs .. and Cleo and tarpi were just so happy running/haring around.. playing with other dogs not causing any trouble just playing and sniffing… they lovelove the beach..

then cleo.. kept drinking seawater so she was pretty thirsty so I found a way to give her water and she drank ALOT..

as we got closer to scheveningen .. and the beach is starting to look a bit more crowded.. all of a sudden in the middle of groups of happy sunbathers.. cleo has a bout of diahorea.. you should have seen the look on their faces.. the look on mine.. I tried to pick it all up.. but it wasnt a 30 second poo.. it was a meandering straining 2 minute poo.. there was a splatty trail across the sand..
then cleo redeemed herself a bit .. because she likes to do a little skip, hop and a jump.. a sort of happy dance after a poo and there was a ripple of laughter from the sunbathers.. and then she topped it off by wiping her bottom on the sand.. more giggles..

then we got to the trams/busses and for some reason chose for the bus..

all is going well.. then half way to the station.. cleo threw up.. not just a any throw up.. all liquid and all down from the middle to nearly the front of the bus.. we managed to stop it reaching the driver at the front with a newspaper and magazines.. from a lovely passenger.. 5 minutes later.. I was thinking maybe I should get off early in case she is sick again.. before I could press the buzzer .. she threw up again…. this time we couldnt stop streams of it reaching the driver.. now the whole floor was swimming with sick. from the middle to the front of the bus.. . I spoke to bus driver and apologized profusely asking what I could do to put it right .. but he was young and I think this is the first time something like this happened to him.. he seemed very happy when I buzzed to stop to let me out.. at the stop two well dressed gentlemen got on and the bus driver told them they were welcome to come in but the bus zit vol van sick.. the look on their faces.. the floor swimming.. at that point I started laughing crying.. I laughed with tears all the way to the station.. when I think about it now I start laughing/crying again. :) I think I better not show my face on the number 22 for a while..

boy am I glad I did not pick the packed tram.. and chose for the nearly empty bus.. (even though the tram came earlier and was just sitting there while I was waiting for the bus).. anyway

Lots of Love


Water retention or gas ?

Saturday, September 15th, 2007

water retention or gas ?

Hard to believe but I do feed Tarpi the same as Cleo and they play the same together.. (and nap the same).. so i like to think her turbo foraging may have contributed a little bit to this……

though there is a school of thought that says dogs are fat because their owners feed them too much.. :|

Lots of Love