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Our big French adventure – Day 5 – the journey home

Monday, November 26th, 2007

Hi all,

We got up early on Monday.. the journey home was relatively un-eventful (well compared to the national transport strike on the journey in.. :) ).

i'm ready to go home now..

I arrived in Annecy and we had another walk around the lake, town and up the hill to the church and chateaux and it was very beautiful. heres a pic of the girls in Annecy by the lake. I was hoping the market would be there but I think its not on Monday and many shops are shut on a Monday.. very European.. its the same in Holland.. i did want to buy a sausage .. just to prove to sarah I could indeed buy a sausage in France… !:) I couldnt find a boulangerie open though so .. it’ll have to be next time..

From Annecy to Paris (more…)

Our big French adventure – Day 4 – Charming Chamonix :)

Sunday, November 25th, 2007

Hi all,

Well this was our final day in Chamonix.. We had a wonderful long walk in the woods/mountains.. only about 5 minutes of it was quite high up and through cloud.. and returned by about 3pm very hungry..

The first restaurant wasnt so welcoming.. snippy overworked female french waitress.. so we went to another restaurant.. it was quite yummy and for the first time the girls got a bowl of water in France! when the waiter brought the water he started talking to me.. all of a sudden I noticed Cleo was gone.. (more…)

Our big French adventure – Day 3 – The Wonderful French Wedding :)

Saturday, November 24th, 2007


Hi all,

So we woke up Saturday looking forward to the wedding :)

pretty pleased as well that we made it! :)

I had breakfast at the hotel, and then went out to explore Chamonix before the wedding at 2pm. What a picture perfect town. its really pretty and glamorous without being too much, Its a little more lively than St Moritz.. lovely mountain views all around, lovely shops, clean air. We also had time to take a walk in the woods and I bought some french dog food.. the girls liked it :)

I arrived at the wedding site 3/4 hr early… the only person there earlier, was the photographer checking the lighting.. I did compliment him on this :) after a few minutes, friends and family of Russell and Sarah started arriving, it was lovely, everyone kind happy normal friendly… it was a relief.. (more…)