Things just get better and better

NO job

and now

NO home :)

Hi all,

Yes the house is sold .. zipedidoodazipedyday :) ( a little miracle considering the market and that we are in the summer holidays here in Holland and nothing happens)

The first stage of the sale has gone through, in Holland you have 3 days to pull out of the contract (buyers remorse hehe ) , the three days have passed and then it goes onto the next phase, the buyer deposits a certain amount (Sept 9th) and then the house is delivered to them Oct 24.

I have to say I am a little scared since I dont have another house to go to.. so when I think about it my insides stop and implode ! (laughing a little) but apart from that.. I am very happy that a new phase in my life is on its way.

I am still questioning what that phase is though.. its hard to arrange a moving van if you dont know where you are going or how much you are taking with you hehe so I am selling and giving as much as I can and thinking about storage possibilities.

Any advice on how to best handle this is very welcome though :)

Hope things are going good for everyone and you are well and having a good summer :)

Lots of love


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