Cleo’s International Fan Club

July 19th, 2010


It does not matter what country I am in or where I am someone will go out of their way to stop me and ask me about Cleo (and often Tarpi, but if I am honest more often Cleo). I could be in the Netherlands in a postoffice or walking down the street in Zurich or this month walking in a park, every month at least once someone has stopped me and asked me what breed she is and where she comes from.

It started from the first week she arrived in the Netherlands, in fact I had a lady come and ask me if she could have her !

In the beginning when they asked what breed she was.. i used to reply with quite some confidence .. she was a purebreed… ‘pure naughty’ .. which used to get a few chuckles..

though she’ll still try her luck.. she has I think grown more used to her position at the bottom of the greasy pole :)

well shes come a long way (as have I through what she has taught me) and is an adored and treasured member of the family.

What does a Swiss watchmaker and a Potcake have in common?

July 17th, 2010

I have to say i’d be surprised if a Swiss watch maker had more ‘in the zone’ happy concentration as my Potcake girls having their dinner..

there is just this peaceful feeling of all is right in the world.. :)

Lots of love



too much dog hair.. ? no problem

July 2nd, 2010

Knitting with dog hair

even though I have Tarpi and Cleo for quite a few years now.. i am still quite surprised at the hair everywhere.. so, I bought the book below a year ago..

turns out Cleo has quite passable knitting hair.. :) its long and mohairy.. maybe mutti will get a pair of ‘Cleo’ socks for Christmas this year…. :) Tarpi’s shorter stiffer hair is better used as golden accent hairs…. :)

How much hairloss is too much hairloss..

July 2nd, 2010

Dog Hair

Yes this is a picture of a pile of dog hair (on a chair for size perspective) .. laughing..

you might be mistaken for thinking this is a weeks worth of dog hair from both of my dogs.. but its not..

its one day from one of my little girls..

Some will not be too surprised to find out this is one day of Cleo’s hair.. !
To her defense though, a heatwave started a few days ago

which brings me to .. i wish I could say i was living vicariously through her hair loss… but i’m NOT!.. Read the rest of this entry »

I found one in my ear..

June 16th, 2010

Yes, I found a dog hair in my ear ..

I have to say I was surprised, but not as surprised as when I was helping a gentleman get a cupboard into the back of his volvo station wagon.. and noticed quite a sprinkling of black dog hairs on the ceiling of the boot area. I had to ask… its not often i see others with surprising dog hair situations ..

turns out he had two great danes.

I like to think though that if there is a prize for finding dog hairs in unusual places, I still may have won it…

In my ear! .. I might as well have found an alien in a jam jar :)

Lots of love



4 eyes ..

May 25th, 2010

girls are well:)

lovely plump and shiny ,

we went for a walk by the river and its quite hot now and they had a nice dip, they are both so smart even though it is shallow they crouch down right in to their necks to get good and wet and cool :) when they came back they wanted to have a little nap on the bed but with their wet bodies i nixed it , so for quite a while I had 4 eyes focused on me waiting for me to change my mind :)

they are sweet little sausages.

Hope everyone is well.


Lots of love Cath

my life is really quite tough you know

January 27th, 2010
why cant i be outside playing all day?' look

why cant i be outside playing all day?' look

sock tease

January 12th, 2010
first the mischievous look

first the mischievous look

finds sock takes sock

finds sock takes sock

plays with sock

plays with sock

chews sock a little

chews sock a little

having a rest, socks' still mine though

having a rest, socks' still mine though..

yin yang napping

January 1st, 2010

Here they are .. usual post breakfast nap

yin and yang this time.

Happy New Year,

Love Cath

yin yang napping

yin yang napping

cuddle anyone ?

December 30th, 2009

heres a pic of tarpi this morning.. she likes to visit for a cuddle first thing :)

Lots of love


morning cuddle

morning cuddle

prime bed real-estate

December 21st, 2009

Hi Muttikins,

hope all is well, when are you planning to come over? bring Inge Margaret a potcake puppy and or 3 bags of nestles chocolate chips :)

ps Zurich is the new London, I would say that though.. :) the shopping is really exceptional.. all the stores here.

it is expensive though, maybe they will have sales in January.

it may be an idea to spend the plumbing time here.. its all ok here, snow on the ground girls very happy plump and sleeping on your bed every night.. went for a quick run this morning and then breakfast.
Lots of love

the girls are good to have around. you might be horrified when you see them relaxing on your bed though. this does have a small downside, cleo has an impacted anal gland that she occasionally discharges.. though its only a couple times a week so you’ll hardly notice the stains .. and the sheets are changed every week ..

hehe . I have plumped them up a bit bcs its cold so they are very soft and cuddly..

there goes the pillow

tempted by prime bed real-estate, waiting to be told off

taking liberties

taking liberties

Things just get better and better

August 20th, 2009

NO job

and now

NO home :)

Hi all,

Yes the house is sold .. zipedidoodazipedyday :) ( a little miracle considering the market and that we are in the summer holidays here in Holland and nothing happens)

The first stage of the sale has gone through, in Holland you have 3 days to pull out of the contract (buyers remorse hehe ) , the three days have passed and then it goes onto the next phase, the buyer deposits a certain amount (Sept 9th) and then the house is delivered to them Oct 24.

I have to say I am a little scared since I dont have another house to go to.. so when I think about it my insides stop and implode ! (laughing a little) but apart from that.. I am very happy that a new phase in my life is on its way.

I am still questioning what that phase is though.. its hard to arrange a moving van if you dont know where you are going or how much you are taking with you hehe so I am selling and giving as much as I can and thinking about storage possibilities.

Any advice on how to best handle this is very welcome though :)

Hope things are going good for everyone and you are well and having a good summer :)

Lots of love